Nonlinearities - from
Turbulent to Magic
NORDITA and Niels Bohr Institute Thematic Workshop
Wed 17 - Sat 20 May 2006, Copenhagen, Denmark
Wave chaos
Image: a mural by Christian Skeel og Morten Skriver, inspired by Clive Ellegaard's wave chaos experiments
Sponsors: NORDITA, BioNET and Niels Bohr Fond
Themes: The workshop focuses on recent advances in physics of complex systems, classical chaos and turbulence, wave and quantum chaos, and much exceptional magic beyond.

Speakers: E Aurell, V Baladi, M V Berry, E Bogomolny, T Bohr, A S de Carvalho, A de Wijn, C P Dettmann, B Eckhardt, C Ellegaard, M J Feigenbaum, H Fogedby, T Geisel, P Grassberger, G Gunaratne, F Haake, A D Jackson, J P Keating, H Kohler, U Kuhl, P Muratore Ginanneschi, S Nonnenmacher, M Oxborrow, M Paczuski, R Penrose, J Parrondo, M Porter, I Procaccia, A Richter, U Smilansky, N Sondergaard, E A Spiegel, L Tuckerman, F Waleffe, A Wirzba

Scientific direction:   B Lautrup (chair), G Tanner (co-chair), P Cvitanović, A Brandenburg, M H Jensen, R Artuso, S Creagh, T Guhr, G Huber, H-H Rugh. Artistic direction:   P Cvitanović.

Registrations, with a brief description of research interests should be entered into the conference website before 1 April 2006. Junior researchers applying for partial support should also arrange for letter(s) of reference. For information please contact:

Secretary:  Hanne Christensen, Niels Bohr Institute, Blegdamsvej 17, DK - 2100 Copenhagen Ø / Tel: +45:35 32 52 60 / Fax: +45:35 32 52 17 /

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